Celebrated 15 years in 2016

Welcome to the wonderful world of music! We trust that this will be an exciting time for you as you step out on the journey of discovering the joys of learning an instrument.

At Melinda Gindy Music Studio, we specialise in the private tuition of piano, flute and guitar, whilst also offering group music theory lessons to develop the well-rounded musician. We welcome all ages and levels, whether you would like to study music for leisure or be expertly guided through the Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) levels.

Melinda Gindy Music Studio aims to provide quality music education in a safe and comfortable environment. Students are supported through a variety of musical skills, whilst learning to also individually express themselves through music. Students are given opportunities to celebrate their musicality and perform at our quarterly Recital Nights, as well as our annual Showcase Concert and Awards Night.

We are currently timetabling lessons in guitar, piano and flute at our Berala Studio and in piano and flute tuition at RPCS for 2018. Expressions of Interest and Waiting List Applications are now open. We are also pleased to offer AMEB Grades 1, 2, 3 and 4 theory at Berala, based on interest. Please see our Theory class tab for further information. To make an enquiry or register your interest, please do so via our ‘Contact Us’ page. 

Student News

Term 4, 2017 Information

  • Term 4 is a 10 week term commencing on Monday  9th of October and concluding on Saturday 16th of December.
  • Enrollments for AMEB Practical exams have now been completed. Good luck to all our students as you prepare for the upcoming examination period!
  • Invitation only: MTA Junior Music Festival on Sunday 19th of November. Please get your registrations into Melinda by Thursday 2nd November
  • The Showcase Concert and Awards Evening will be held in the School Hall at Regents Park Christian School on Saturday 25th of November, commencing at 5pm. To register for the Showcase Concert, please FILL IN FORM

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further questions or concerns.

Have a wonderful term!

MGMS Masterclass excursion


Year in review

What a wonderful history we have here at MGMS.

Melinda, Esther, Vicki and Steve have continued to bless our students with expertise and a dedicated teaching manner. Esther has continued to teach piano at Berala on Wednesday and Friday, as well as do a wonderful job at teaching the AMEB 2nd grade theory class. Vicki has continued to teach both piano and flute at Menai, doing a fantastic job with several new students. Steve also continues to teach 2 days a week at Berala, providing expertise in guitar tuition. As well as taking through a new group of theory students in AMEB grade one, Melinda has returned to teach at both Berala and Menai, as well as enjoying her role as piano/flute tutor at Regents Park Christian School.

We have also seen a popular growth in musical studies this year, welcoming three new flautists, seven new pianists and three new guitar students. It was quite sad to say goodbye to two students who put their music studies on hold to concentrate on the HSC. Congratulations to Tony and Niamh who have now completed their secondary studies! We also had 2 students move on to develop their sporting focus.

The group theory classes have continued to be a success where we ran two AMEB Theory classes in 2012. A special congratulations to Jaime, Matthew, Gordon, May and Laura who completed first grade theory with Melinda on Tuesday nights. Our wonderful Esther ran a 2nd grade theory class on Wednesday nights. Congratulations to Tiffany, Jordan, Rebecca, Noreen and Sasha who completed the second grade theory course. Whilst we do not publish students specific marks, we must mention that across the grades, the top marks received were: 2 students at 99%, 1 at 98%, 1 at 97% and 3 more students in the 90’s. All students received a pass with credit or more- a result they are to be congratulated on!

We had several students sit for their AMEB practical exams this year, as well as a number of students continuing to work at their grades. Congratulations to Noreen, Tony and Rebecca for their outstanding results in the 1st Metropolitan series held in May. Congratulations also to our students who sat for the 2nd Metropolitan series in piano held on November 19th– Yunze, Kira, Tori, Peter, Amy H, Zach, Jordan, Lawrence, Amy I, Sasha, Jason and Anneka. May, Wesley and Tiffany did an outstanding job in their  flute exams held on Wednesday 28th November. Students have had a wonderful experience and worked hard to complete their grades.  A special mention must be made of the fine work of their teachers, as well as the support of the parents.

Recital nights in terms 1, 2 and 3 continued to prove popular amongst the students and it has been wonderful to hear the development of all students throughout the year. Thank you for your continued support of these nights. We had our biggest group of performers yet at our annual Showcase Concert which was held on Saturday 8th of December. 43 young music-makers thrilled parent and friends with their talents.

Well done to all students who have worked so hard – a credit to both you and your families!

Happy Music Making!