2E Music Studio



Meeting the needs of twice-exceptional children through private music lessons:

 An evidence-based resource for music teachers.

This online resource was developed by Melinda Gindy as part of her post graduate studies in gifted education. The vision was to create a free and valuable twice-exceptional resource for private music teachers that was informative, practical, simple to follow and backed by research.

Teachers may be unaware of effective strategies for twice-exceptional students or might even deny their existence outright (Foley Nicpon et al., 2011). Few would doubt the coexistence of giftedness with some disabilities (e.g., blindness and deafness as in the case of Helen Keller), yet they remain sceptical about giftedness coexisting with learning disabilities or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD; Schultz, 2012). As Schultz (2012) stated, teacher professional development is needed, including “tangible, real-life examples of variability in development” (p. 127) to bring about change in meeting the needs of this group. Teachers and twice-exceptional students alike would benefit from research into effective learning strategies.

Private music teachers can receive very little in terms of educational instruction pedagogy. Should they complete undergraduate study in education, only 3 universities in Australia have compulsory gifted education within their course material- let alone a focus on meeting the unique needs of twice-exceptional students. This rationale led onto the establishment of the vision for http://www.2emusicstudio.com

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