AMEB – Grade 2 Theory

Grade 2  AMEB Music Theory

Currently running in 2016 at: BERALA

Course Information and Outline

This course has been designed for students who wish to continue their theory studies. At the completion of the course, students will sit for the Australian Music Examination Board 2nd Grade Theory Exam.


Classes will be held at Berala Public School, Harrow Road, Berala


Classes will go for 1 hour on Friday from 7:00 to 8:00pm. The commencing date for this course will be Friday 5th February, 2015. The last class for this course will be held on 19th of August with the Theory Exam being held on Wednesday 24th of August from 2pm to 3:30pm (venue TBC). Please note this date is not flexible as it is pre-set by the AMEB.


All students who have completed Grade One Theory and wish to continue their theory studies. Students learning in other studios are also welcome to attend. The course will be taught by Esther Whitbread.


Costs involved will be 25 lessons at $15 each- $375, $27- book and copying cost, $67 AMEB cost. This will total $469 for the whole course. The first instalment ($235) is payable opening commencing the course in February. The balance ($234) is due at the beginning of May.

Missed Classes

 If a student misses a class, for whatever reason, no make-up classes are available, nor refunds given. Every effort will be made to assist the student in catching up missed work at the next lesson.

Course Outline

This course will cover topics such as

Additional major and minor scales, writing and labelling tones and semitones

  • Basic time signatures and writing rhythms
  • Grouping of notes and rests
  • Dots, ties, slurs, rests and leger lines
  • Development of rhythmic patterns and compound time
  • Intervals- quality and numerical value
  • Development of tonic triads
  • Transposition
  • Terms and signs
  • Accentuating couplets
  • Binary and Ternary Form
  • Review of first grade theory

There will be ample time given to homework, revision and mock exam questions as well as past papers.

It is the responsibility of each parent to ensure their student has transport to and from the exam location (Usually Granville- to be confirmed).

I trust this will be a valuable and exciting experience for all. Feel free to contact Melinda Gindy at should you have any questions or queries.