Mission Statement

Melinda Gindy Music Studio aims to provide quality music education in a safe and comfortable environment. Students are expertly guided through a variety of Musical skills, whilst learning to also individually express themselves through Music. Melinda Gindy Music Studio also endeavours to provide Music education at an affordable rate, allowing students of all economic backgrounds access to the joys of music.

Student Welfare

Melinda Gindy Music Studio is committed to the well-being and safety of its students and families. It upholds the values and policies of the NSW Commission for Children and Young People.

On employment with Melinda Gindy Music Studio, all tutors understand and complete the Prohibited Employment Declaration and Employment Screening Consent Forms.

Education and Homework/Reward

Melinda Gindy Music Studio aims to develop the well-rounded musician, ensuring that a student develops in all areas of Music learning. Lessons in aural training and written theory are of prominent value.

Extrinsic rewards are also encouraged for use in lessons, whereby students are rewarding for completing their practice charts each week.

The Studio also upholds the belief of quality over quantity in regards to practice. Students are encouraged to achieve goals in their practice time, rather then simply practice for a set time.