AMEB – Grade 4 Theory

Grade Four AMEB Theory Classes- 2017

Course Information and Outline

This course has been designed for students who have completed theory grades one, two and three and are wishing to take their theory knowledge to a higher level. At the completion of the course, students will sit for the Australian Music Examination Board 4th Grade Theory Exam.


            Classes will be held at Berala Public School, Harrow Road, Berala


            Classes will go for 1 hour on Thursday’s from 6pm to 7pm. The commencing date for this course will be Thursday 2nd of February. The last class for this course will be held on Thursday 24th of August, with the Theory Exam being held on the following week. 


            Students attending this course must have completed theory grades one, two and three (or equivalent). Students learning in other studios are also welcome to attend. Melinda Gindy will be teaching this class.


            Costs involved will be 26 lessons at $20 each- $520, $27- book and copying cost, $77 AMEB cost. This will total $624 for the whole course. The first instalment ($312) is payable opening commencing the course in February. The balance ($312) is due at the beginning of May.

Missed Classes

            If a student misses a class, for whatever reason, no make-up classes are available, nor refunds given. Every effort will be made to assist the student in catching up missed work at the next lesson.

Course Outline

This course will cover topics such as

  • Imperfect Cadences

  • Major Scales up to six sharps/six flats

  • Secondary triads

  • Interrupted Cadences

  • Chromatic and diatonic semitones

  • Aug,dim intervals, double sharps & flats

  • Inversion of intervals

  • Setting a verse to Music

  • Writing an 8-bar rhythm

  • Baroque Suite Movements

  • Writing harmonies

  • Syncopation, Italian Terms

  • Minor scales up to four sharps/five flats

  • First inversion triads in 4 part harmony

  • Modulation in Melody


There will be ample time given to homework, revision and mock exam questions, as well as past papers.

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